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A.K.A. Relocations was founded by Anglo-Swedes Catherine Alarik and Kristina Kennedy to create a property search company that offered reliability, professionalism and an outstanding personal service. Brought up in London, but also with the experience of living abroad and relocating internationally, Catherine and Kristina felt that they were better placed to judge and understand the requirements of their customers. "We have been in similar situations ourselves, which is why we are determined to provide a relocation service which looks after the client from beginning to end". Between them, Catherine and Kristina have moved throughout London, renting, buying, renovating and selling properties and know the London property market thoroughly.

They have the ability to recognise the potential of a property and see through the subtleties of wall partitions or poor handiwork. They work with a broad network of professionals in the property industry including developers, private landlords, surveyors, designers and various artisans. Among them, they have degrees in Political Science, Economics, Building Construction and Surveying Practice. "We felt that in order to fully understand the ins and outs of a complex property market, we needed to further our education in this particular field."

The A.K.A. team focus on making clients feel confident with their choices and can relate to the enormous pressures the relocation process can place on families and busy individuals. They work to eliminate this stress and get great pleasure from seeing their clients happily settle into their new homes. "Our aim is to assure clients that we really do care and that they can rely on us to show them the best of what's out there.

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