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As a frequent client of A.K.A. Management and Concierge, I am extremely happy with the efficient and personal service they provide. As soon as I need an extra pair of hands with any chores not just property related, they have always been able to help and "fix" any request I've had. Needless to say I will continue to use them on a regular basis.” 

Nathalie Schuterman

The service that A.K.A. Relocations provided was absolutely fantastic, not to mention their knowledge and ability to meet the expectations of international clients. They were extremely helpful and knew all the areas we suggested like the back of their hands. Being able to shortlist and select properties that matched our specification perfectly despite our demanding and detailed requests is a real talent and shows how much they actually listened to our brief. We are tremendously satisfied and found a great property in the area we wanted to be in, within our budget.

We also used A.K.A’s Management and Concierge service which meant we did not have to deal with any of the administration in setting up accounts or paying bills as all of this was done on a regular basis by A.K.A. This was just what we needed to settle in to a functional life in London from the moment we arrived. The fees are transparent and all the staff at A.K.A. were so helpful in helping us administer anything we wanted to take over ourselves. Without their help it would have taken much longer and the settling in process would have been much more strenuous and stressful". 

Andreas Odhage

A.K.A Relocations was the perfect match for me when I was relocating to London this summer.
Lovely Kristina and her friendly and competent staff understood my needs and wishes. We found our new home and the entire family is happy. To settle in to a new property was so easy with the help of AKA. One week of their professional service and everything had been sorted. I still use A.K.A's Management and Concierge services which I can highly recommend as it makes my daily life very smooth.
A.K.A Relocations and the owner Kristina Kennedy know exactly what it takes to make a customer satisfied.

Maria Tibblin

A.K.A. Relocations has been a long-term, invaluable partner for McGuireWoods. A.K.A. provides consolidated reporting and invoicing which greatly simplifies the work of our back office in Richmond, VA.  All of our interactions with A.K.A. have been extremely professional”

Ethan Butterworth McGuireWoods

Like many professionals, I live a busy life and value free weekends and evenings. Last year, when I needed a new apartment, I decided to contact A.K.A. to save my precious free time.

In my profession I have learnt to appreciate experts in various areas of business. Using the experts at A.K.A. was therefore a no-brainer for me. Throughout the house hunting process their approach was professional and friendly. I ended up getting the exact kind of flat I wanted, with a better rent than I could have negotiated myself. Their attention to detail made sure I avoided any pitfalls in the rental agreement and that the flat was in prime condition when I moved in.

Therefore I can personally warmly recommend using A.K.A. when buying or renting a flat in London.

Erik von Bonsdorff, Vice President, Morgan Stanley

A.K.A. Relocations helped us with our relocation and property search when we moved to London. We were extremely happy with their services and found their attention to our specific brief outstanding. Their pre-work was extremely detailed and thorough, ensuring that the properties we viewed matched our exact brief. The fact that they had researched every single estate agent and previewed all properties beforehand was also incredibly effective and time efficient.

They were very helpful with any further information that we required and never hesitated to help. They demonstrated personal interest/concern for clients by a follow-up after the move, making sure that everything was in order and to our satisfaction!

We would recommend their services to any company wishing to achieve a successful relocation and property search for its employees.

Carl Hosten, Director, Universal Pictures

We were very impressed how A.K.A. found our property and conducted the contract negotiations. With the help of A.K.A. we finally managed to reach our primary goals. Interpretation of the rather complicated contract was also invaluable help”

Karl Bodin Phd Stockholm Sweden

When we came to London to look for a home, there were many Real Estate Agents willing to help. We thought it would be easy to find our dream house but it wasn't. Only when we hooked up with relocation specialist Kristina did we understand the whole picture. They played in our team. We never felt they were doing anything else than what was in our best interest. They were not pushy but experienced and we had fun driving around London whilst going to new viewings. We had a great day in their company!”

Thomas and Lena

When moving to a new country, a new culture and a new life it is very important to feel at home. The biggest part of feeling at home in a new country is how and where you live, and for us it was also important to find this place quickly. A.K.A. helped us to find our wonderful home which is exactly the way we wanted it, where we wanted it and at the same time worked very quickly. Along the househunting we got valuable help and information regarding where and how to rent and all other sorts of information that you really need when coming to a new country. We are very thankful for all the help we got and already, after one month, feel very much at home in our new house and home country”.

J & L Hellestam E.F.

A.K.A. offered us a professional as well as personal service. They had the ability to understand exactly what we were looking for and always showed us properties that matched our brief. They were efficient and quick in making the most of our time. Their negotiation skills were superb as they really knew how to get the best deal. They also helped us with our contract in order to make sure we knew what we were signing. A.K.A. found us our ideal property in our ideal area in a short amount of time.

Linda Petterson, Trade Commissioner

I was very pleased with A.K.A Relocations service when I lived in London"

Johan Nordqvist EF

After five years in London we still live in our house in Barnes which A.K.A Relocations helped us find. We are very happy with the house and the service that A.K.A provided"

Johan Nordstrom EF Education

We are extremely happy with all the professional services A.K.A Relocations and Concierge has helped us with throughout our stay in London"

Manne Berger

A.K.A Relocations did a fantastic job for me during my time in London".  

Niclas Broman Vattenfall

“I no longer live in the UK but during my time there A.K.A services were very helpful”

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